Friday, June 7, 2013

Silly times



He ate my sunflowers. If only Ryan had a lasso...

Hermione is definitely our friendliest hen.  She eats right out of my hand and even lets Katie Rose pet her.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

This week...

...we took lots of pictures!

"CHOO-CHOO!!!"  The best part about our new coffee table?  Built-in tunnels!!!

Working very diligently.

So, this is the ancient woodpile that was rotting away behind the shed.  Home to brown recluse spiders and probably some snakes.  Here we are building a hügel out of it!  Hurray for making our yard safer, a better view for our back neighbors, AND awesome soil all in one!  So logs go in first.

Then smaller pieces of wood on top.

Then leaf mulch.  In the wheelbarrow: The beautiful dark soil from under the woodpile that we put on top. This will be our pumpkin and winter squash bed.
Broccoli plants getting big!

Peas blossoming.  I saw six pods today!

And tomato bed.  Those are cucumbers down the middle; they'll be needing trellising soon.
Roses for the feast of Corpus Christi from the farmer's market!  The peach ones are appropriately called, "Heaven on Earth."  They have a delightful light fruity fragrance, very like a peach!

I believe this is what they call, "Parallel play."