Thursday, May 7, 2015

Backseat Theology

Anthony and Katie Rose had this discussion while we were driving today. I merely listened. This is the best I can remember it:

Anthony started off with, "I want to go up to Heaven! I'm going to go up to Heaven."
Katie Rose answers, "We can't go up to Heaven by ourselves."
"Well, Jesus will take us up to Heaven when we die."
"But Jesus is already in Heaven. Our angels will take us up to Heaven and we'll see Jesus when we get to Heaven."
"Yeah! But the bad guys don't go up to Heaven and see Jesus."
"But everybody goes to Jesus, Anthony."
"Yeah! Their angels take them to Jesus and then He tells them they can't go to Heaven. And then the bad angels get them."
"But the bad angels aren't going to get me."
"And the bad angels won't get you either, Katie Rose. Just the good angels."

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