Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Breakfast conversation

This may not be of general interest, but I really love these conversations that Anthony and Katie Rose have with each other. This one is pretty typical. Katie Rose is always talking about Heaven. Anthony is always talking about Legos. One for the memory file when they are much older.

Anthony: "How long until Christmas?"
Me: "5 months."
A: "How many weeks is that?"
M: "about 20."
A: "So, which would be faster, saving my allowance for the Lego set or just asking Santa Claus to bring it? ...The Lego set is $200... That would take FORTY WEEKS. Right? I'd better ask Santa Claus for it."
Katie Rose: "Santa Claus is a saint."
A: "I know."
KR: "Does he live in Heaven?"
A: "Yes."
KR: "Does he get Legos from Heaven?"
A: "No... Legos can't come from Heaven. They make some bad Legos that Mommy doesn't want me to buy EVER. Santa Claus would only buy the good ones. Hey, since Santa is bringing me the Lego set I can buy you a present, Rose!"
KR: "A present?!? Can I get princess shoes?!?"
A: "No... Because you would have to try them on before I buy them and that would not be fun to open then."
KR: "Oh. Let's get Daddy a present then."
A: "I don't think Daddy likes presents."
KR: "Mommy likes presents."
A: "Ok but we will talk about it LATER. Mommy we can't talk about Christmas presents anymore right now. We have to talk about something else."
KR: "Is it July? What does July do in Heaven?"
M: "What does July do? It's summertime."
KR: "Is it summer in Heaven?"
A: "On the bottom side of the world it is winter right now so Heaven must have all the seasons at the same time!"
KR: Or maybe Heaven is like Grandma and Grandpa's house! 
A: "Are you done?"
KR; "Yeah."
A: "Let's finish building our Duplo track!"
KR: "Yay!"

Endnotes:  I don't know what bad Legos he's talking about. Daddy, in fact, does not like presents. My in-laws live in La Jolla.


  1. So great!

    I'm intrigued about this allowance thing. You give your kids allowance? I'd love to hear more about that.

    Also, what are the "bad Legos" you don't want him to get ever? haha

  2. Anthony gets $5 a week. He can earn extra by doing extra chores beyond his usual. (Example I pay a quarter a bucket for weeds.) Sometimes we have to institute the complaining tax. No idea what the bad Legos are, but I suspect they are the girlfriend ones because I think they're lame.

  3. I love this! Especially Anthony's idea to use his money to buy his sister a present, and his observation that it must be all the seasons in Heaven :-) Also, we should discuss the Santa Claus question if I ever remember to call you/figure out our time zone differences and connect...