Monday, August 8, 2016

Ryan and Mary take Manhattan!

I have three sick kids today. But they are all asleep. The bathrooms are cleaned. I managed to shower. The dishes are caught up. So now indulging in a little reminiscing about our trip to New York City last weekend. The first time Ryan and I have taken a trip together since Anthony was born! I know, my life is amazing. Come back when I have another round of puke to clean up. #keepingitreal

Six hours later....

No, no more puke praise be. But they all woke up immediately after writing the above. After taking two of them to the doctor, picking up one antibiotic, and the usual round of dinner and bedtime prep, Daddy's reading stories and I'm back to the ol' blog.

Everybody's going to be fine, by the way. Looks like an enterovirus is the cause of Daniel's astonishing rash, and likely Anthony's fever. Katie Rose gets the antibiotic.

So yeah, Ryan and I had a three-day weekend all by ourselves. That was nice. It's a little bit different traveling when you're a parent, even if the children aren't with you. For one thing, I have to remember to press elevator buttons. I'm really out of practice doing that. We also found it necessary to take pictures of things like piles of trash at the curb, or the Lego store at Rockefeller Plaza, or somebody in a princess costume, because the kids would want to see that. I left those photos out here. :-)

Our Lady of Czestochowa at St. Patrick's Cathedral. Didn't take too many pictures because there was a wedding going on. Many beautiful side chapels. This one also had lovely, slightly modern icons of Polish saints. Also went through the Holy Doors here.

Then went into Tiffany's, just because. :-)

Central Park. Doesn't that look like the Emerald City?

Later in SoHo we got locked inside of St. Anthony's church! We had to take the fire escape. Then we had sushi.

Sunset in Greenwich Village.

Saturday morning. The front of the Statue of Liberty was just swarming with people taking selfies. So we had to get at least one. :-) Lots of vendors selling selfie sticks! We couldn't go inside, because you need to reserve tickets for that months ahead of time. Maybe if we come back with the whole family we'll do that.

Ellis Island. This room is where all the immigrants who were being detained for various reasons stayed while their situations were sorted out. Pretty nice. I found my grandparents' records here. They came on the General Bundy in 1949. Ryan also found some of his Pittsburgh relatives came back through Ellis Island after a visit to Germany!

Saturday night: Les Miserables!!! Wow, what a show. It's leaving Broadway Sept 4, so I'm glad I got to see it! By the way, this is the perfect show for the Year of Mercy. Mercy is so obviously the whole theme of Les Mis. Oh, and Sept. 4 is when Mother Teresa is to be canonized. Coincidence, I think not.

After the show on Times Square.

Sunday morning all the hotels around Broadway had lines of taxis waiting outside.

After Sunday Mass outside Grand Central Station. We went to St. Agnes's, but failed to take a picture of it.

Grand Central Station with the Chrysler Building behind.

We spent a rainy afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Look who we found! Also lots of Degas for me, and medieval art for Ryan.
Then we walked through Central Park again had some really really good Mexican in Hell's Kitchen. Then back to the hotel to collect our bags and catch the train home! We did walk around Ground Zero, and went into Herald Square Macy's, and people watched at the bar in Grand Central Station, but that's a pretty good photo summary. I really liked Manhattan. It was fun just seeing all the people and even window shopping seeing what the new fashions are. And the food was just amazing. I would love to go back someday!


  1. Sounds very fun, Mary! You're making me want to do a trip alone-last time we took one, it was ended up turning into a funeral trip (my FIL). I think it'll be a while, though. People willing to take care of six kids, a cow, and 25 chickens are hard to find. :)
    And Les Mis! I'm jealous! I saw it so very long ago at the Aronoff, and the pregnant lady I was with cried her eyes out.

  2. Ah, this looks wonderful! We did NYC for our babymoon when I was pregnant with Michael (with a detour to Staten Island to visit my aunt and uncle), and it was so much fun. I would never want to live in NYC but it is such a cool place to visit.