Monday, February 3, 2014

Napless and Hello

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It's just after 8:00, and Castle Keane is silent. Well, not quite silent.  Both children are snoring, because they were doing this all day:

Those pictures are actually from last week, but that's what they were doing again today. They think that it's endlessly entertaining to assume that position around the train tracks, even if they don't have the battery-powered train running at the time. I wonder what Piaget would say about this one.

Nobody has napped for the last three days, so they've been really silly!  Anthony is especially tired, even though he's pretty much outgrown naps.  Last night was a Super Bowl party with friends of ours.  No way was Katie Rose going to make it.  As you remember she was napless for the second day in a row.  She was out for the night by 6:30.  So Anthony and Ryan went and didn't get home until 10:00!  SO TIRED this morning.  He didn't really start his day until 10:30 this morning.  But he had a blast at the party.   It's not like I really care about the Super Bowl.  In fact I still don't know who won!  I got a jump on the Monday clearing up from the weekend routine and watched Brigadoon so it was all good.  I love musicals but Ryan really can't stand them.  Every time he's away for work I binge on Hello Dolly and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

I was disappointed to miss catching up with that group of friends, though.  We used to see them at Bible study every week, but we had to stop going exactly because it was too late of a night out for Anthony and he was always exhausted the next day.  It's strange to think that we've lived here long enough that we have an entire group of friends here that we hadn't seen for nearly a year! How did that happen?!?  We actually have several little social pockets, from church, Bible studies, just around the neighborhood, now Anthony's school, Ryan's work, our own small Christian community group... And five years ago neither of us knew a soul in this city!  For transplants we have been super blessed.

All that is surely fascinating, but anybody reading this is sure to be wondering why was it fascinating enough to memorialize on the internet when I don't really blog.  At all.  I've decided to give it another try.  I read other people's blogs, people who I either know in real life and can't keep up with as well as I would like, or whom I would love to know in real life.  It's a little odd that I know all about them but I don't tell them anything about myself.  The internet is at least in theory a great way to connect, but that only works if there's two-way communication happening.  Plus family and friends might be interested to know that my children's blood is constantly rushing to their heads.  I'm not expecting anything grand out of blogging.  It's going to be just another personal blog among many. And that's fine.

This just in:  STINK BUGS.  Are they attracted to screens like toddlers are?  Three of them on the computer screen as I was typing this.  Yuck.

See what I mean about not expecting anything grand?

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  1. Glad to hear you're going to try to blog more frequently :-)
    I binge on Jane Austen movies when Chuckie's "away" (working nights), and a few others like The Young Victoria, Little Women, the Sound of Music. I should get some more musicals to add to the collection.

    Also, I just said the other day "can you believe Mary and Ryan's *fifth* anniversary is this month?!"