Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sick day means craft day!

Once again this winter, every one is sick except Ryan.  Katie Rose and I are already feeling a little better, but Anthony was sent to bed at 6:45 with a temp of 102 and he went willingly! During the day though, we kept busy with some crafty things. We also read lots of books and indulged in some Thomas the Tank Engine, but we did crafts for hours today.

Pipe cleaners in the bowl from the salad spinner.  Katie Rose LOVED this.

Modeling her creation.

Everybody gets handmade Valentines this year.  After receiving a Valentine from Christine's son Sly, of course Anthony had to make Valentines, too!  So trying to keep things not too insane and yet satisfy his need to create, we stamped his name on paper doilies then cut out hearts to glue on the other side. 

I just noticed that one of these says, "ANTHOY."

Since Ryan doesn't read this blog, I feel safe to give you a peek at his Valentine from Katie Rose.  She glued on the pom-poms and scribbled on the heart anyway.  It's become a tradition to give Ryan at least one Valentine with some terrible pun.  Last year's was a picture of a train, from guess who, with, "I choo-choo-choose you!" written on it.

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