Friday, October 24, 2014

7QT: Braggy mom post alert.

I'm narrating photos from my phone today, something of a slice of life that other people would put on Instagram but I've not joined it.  Why yes, all my photos ARE of my children!  What do people without kids take pictures of anyway?  Food, I think.  Also the occasional house project, but this time that's for the children too! 

1) They've shared a room for a few months now, and at last I've moved out the bookshelf from this spot.  I really liked the reading nook, but truthfully it was a perpetual mess because the books were seldom properly put back.  So now Anthony's stuff is where the bookshelf was:

And Katie Rose has the other side:

Not pictured are all the out-of-season/soon-to-be-grown-into things hung above.

2) My child wants to be a CHICKEN for Halloween.  So here's what we came up with:

My favorite is the feet.  Thanks, Pinterest!  I think we will leave off the beak.

3) We went to the dentist.  All of us, while I got my teeth cleaned and they talked off the hygenist's ear about trains and how numbers go on forever and personal discussions like, "Do you have cavities? Do you floss your teeth at home? I don't floss, but I don't have cavities so I think it's okay," while all I could add was, "Ahhh-ah." Anthony had his cleaning last week so he was quite at home. Katie Rose very bravely had her teeth inspected.  My dentist is a great sport.

4) This is what Anthony made to welcome Daddy home from a business trip to Geneva.  There are some lowercase letters in there, and I didn't even need to tell him how to write them. See? We really are homeschooling! I had no idea.

5) This happened.

6) Obligatory playing in the leaves photos:

7) Last and most certainly not least:  20 WEEKS!!!  And I felt the first definite kick!  Hooray for Daniel!



  1. ha! The sleeping on the toilet pic is great :-)

  2. haha I almost woke up Maria laughing at the sleeping toilet picture (as I was first reading this in the middle of the night last night)

    Love the photos. Anthony looks so old! :-)

  3. The chicken feet tickled my funny bone, and the sleeping on the toilet capped it off. Looks like you've had a great week!

  4. Your kids are so stinkin' cute!!! And HOORAY FOR 20 WEEKS AND BABY KICKS! What a great week you had!