Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hermione's Day Out and WIWS

I hope everybody had a happy feast of St. Francis of Assisi yesterday! The parish in our neighborhood had a blessing of the animals yesterday morning, so we loaded one of our chickens into the wagon and headed down!

This may sound simple, and in principle it was.  But what a spectacle we made. Our progress was rather slowed by Anthony wanting to pull the wagon all by himself, and tell everybody we met all about our chickens for a half a mile each way down a very busy street.  And it was COLD!  Two days before we'd been in shorts at the zoo, and yesterday it was in the 40s and windy.  Welcome to the Midwest.  But it was still a lot of fun, and I suppose a chance to evangelize our kooky Catholicism and crunchiness.  Because of course everyone was rather interested in why in the world we had a chicken in a groundhog trap in a wagon in the city in freezing wind.

At the pet blessing, there were about 20 dogs, a few cats, and us.  The Keanes and their wagon attracted a lot of attention, to put it mildly.  Much of which was from the dogs who might have liked to eat the chicken, but the human reactions were all delighted.  We learned there are more chickens and even some goats and pigs in the neighborhood!

Hermione about to receive holy water, blocked by excited child.
On the way home, we treated the kids to some clearly necessary hot chocolate, and parked the wagon outside.  When we came out we were talking to another family we met there, answering all their questions about backyard chicken-ing.  In the few minutes we were chatting, we'd gathered a small crowd of 15 or so people who'd stopped to listen and gawk at Hermione!  At last we made it home for a hot soup lunch, and some excellent naps.

For today, I offer you to this fabulous mirror selfie for What I Wore Sunday:

Sweater: Motherhood via Goodwill
Pants: Motherhood
Jacket: Ann Taylor via Goodwill
Scarf: Goodwill!
Bump: 17 weeks

A bit more casual than my usual Sunday attire.  Pants!  Eek!  My leggings were dirty and I haven't found the maternity (aka cut waist) tights yet.  And we were seriously late.  The scarf is one of my favorites for fall and winter, because it is big and soft but not bulky.  It makes a great headcovering for Mass that doesn't fall off all the time.

Happy Sunday and don't forget the feast of the Most Holy Rosary on Tuesday!


  1. So beautiful! That is so cool you took your chickens to the animal blessing!

  2. You look great. I love the chicken getting her blessing. Though we don't have any pets, I always think going to a pet blessing would be awesome for the kids to see so many loved animals.

  3. So cute! Love all the colors- you look great!

  4. Blessing of the chickens! Too cute!!! And I feel you on maternity clothes, especially with the changing seasons! But you look great :)

  5. I always love getting my dog blessed and its always fun to see what other animals people take to get blessed. You look super cute in your fall outfit!