Monday, March 3, 2014

Big Boy Room

My quilt is all finished except for the binding, and I have the first round Religious Potential of the Child questions almost ready to post.  But today I want to show you Anthony's room.  I promised my mom pictures of Anthony's room now that he's sleeping in a regular bed and we've changed things around, and I like reading these kinds of posts on other blogs, so in the spirit of reciprocity here goes:


We deep cleaned this room, pulling everything away from the walls and cleaning the perimeter, then putting everything back and cleaning the middle.  Nap wasn't happening, so may as well start a big project, right?

When all of the things are in the middle of the room, what does that create around the outside?  Anybody who knows Anthony knows it's a choo-choo track, of course!  He was running around (and around and around) with the feather duster as his smoke stack, Katie Rose trailing behind wearing the engineer's hat.  And no, I did not get a picture.  You'll just have to imagine that. :)

The whole reason we rearranged was for the seedlings to be on top of the shelves in front of the south-facing window.   The shelves were on the opposite wall before. I think I like it this way much better! It looks bigger now. Things on the walls are in odd spots now, but I'll get to that.

I think my favorite part of the room is actually inside Anthony's closet.  We have this neat reading nook hidden away in there.  Library books go in the basket.  We put a sleeping bag and extra pillows on top of his old crib mattress.  If I can't find either of the children chances are they're curled up in the closet reading!

He can reach and put away all his own clothes, since the top bar is all out-of-season things.  I also found a second striped sheet to exactly match the one for the closet curtain! One of these days I want to make a valance for the windows, or else a bed skirt. I can't decide which would be better use of the striped sheet, since there's only enough fabric for one of those. I'm leaning toward bed skirt, and finding something else for the window.

Back to your regularly scheduled postings tomorrow!


  1. This looks great! I love the paper stars. And is that a print from Guess How Much I Love You? I really really wanted one like that for the kids from The Runaway Bunny, but by the time I saved up the money, they stopped making them :-(